Busy Bags / Nursing Basket (Part 2)

If you missed part 1 of this article head back to my last post (Busy Bags/ Nursing basket Part 1) and check it out!  So if you are expecting, and creating this box for your older child, I have one piece of advice: PREPARE IT EARLY! I was luckily able to[Read more]

Busy Bags / Nursing Basket (Part 1)

I was about 28 weeks pregnant with Olivia when it finally hit me “oh crap, I’m about to have two kids under two”. One of my main concerns (on a VERY long list of concerns) was entertaining Layla during those times where a newborn was going to require the majority[Read more]

Rainbow Rice

We seriously have hundreds of toys in our playroom, so it boggles my mind when my toddler decides to play with a dust bunny from the corner, a paper towel, or a personal favorite in our house- tupperware.  On one occasion, Layla decided the item of the day would be[Read more]

Fizzy Fun

I have no idea who invented food coloring, but I’d like to kiss them. If there’s one item you should have in your arsenal of toddler entertaining it’s this. You could literally drop some food coloring into a cup of water and see your children’s eyes light up. No kidding,[Read more]

Chalk Paint

I love chalk.  There are so many amazing ways you can use it for learning, and the bonus is you get to do it outside! However, I have to wonder- am I the only person who is constantly running over pieces of chalk in the driveway? As nice as my[Read more]