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Top 20 Board Books for Babies

You’re smart, I know you are, so I’m not going to sit here and tell you the thousands of facts related to the importance of reading to your baby.  In my mind, reading is one of those parenting non negotiables…. like feeding your baby, changing their diaper, and drinking wine[Read more]


Splatter Chalk

A few weeks ago I posted the directions for making chalk paint (you can find it here).  Layla loved it, so when I heard there was a way to make chalk paint that you can use in squirt bottles I jumped on it! I first tried using my very simple[Read more]


Pick your own! (Peach Sorbet Recipe)

I should have titled this post “The time I paid $22 for peaches”.  Seriously, $22, but I’ll tell you it was worth every penny to see how excited Layla was to pick them herself. We have a fantastic orchard local to us that allows you to pick your own seasonal[Read more]

red light stick

Red Light – Green Light Sticks

Rear facing is totally amazing for safety… totally not amazing for a nosy toddler who needs to know everything, see everything, and talk about everything. Since safety obviously wins, I had to find some ways to keep Layla calm and occupied during car rides. I tried books, they were either[Read more]

magnet biard

Giant Magnet Board

I learned early in my teaching career that the most mundane tasks can be thrilling to little kids when you give them hands on items to manipulate. I frequently used this little trick to teach spelling or phonics. Remember when we were in school and you had to write your[Read more]

layla throw

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Don’t tell him I told you this, but sometimes I think my husband is scared of our daughters.  You’d think they were adorable pink monsters that are going to smother him with dolls, dresses, and princesses until all the manliness has been sucked out of him. I don’t know when the[Read more]

chalk hop title

Chalk Hop

As summer is coming to a close, I find myself desperately trying to squeeze in as much outdoor time as I can with the kiddos. Yep I’m that girl that complains about the summers brutal heat, but will be missing it when we’re bundling up in coats and hats (subsequently[Read more]

10 activities for 0-3 Months

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner, 10 Activities for 0-3 month

I have 2 kids, I swear.  You’re probably reading my posts thinking “Where’s that Olivia kid she mentions every once in a while?”  I swear she’s not off in a corner somewhere left to entertain herself. Sometimes she’s snuggled up in her wrap sleeping (baby wearing is EVERYTHING with two[Read more]

muffin tin sort

Muffin Tin Sorting

So in typical first time Mom fashion, I was a nervous lunatic when Layla was born.  It took me a solid 10 months to feel comfortable regularly attending activities outside the home (poor Olivia on the other hand barely got a week at home before we dragged her out and[Read more]

painting bags toddler activity

Painting Bags

I hate paint. There I said it. That is basically blasphemy for a former first grade teacher and a current stay at home mom to utter those words. Even the washable paint seems near impossible to really clean off, and I always end up scrubbing some piece of furniture after[Read more]