Cozy Coupe Makeover for Adults (18 months+)

Sorry to stray from the toddler/baby focused activities, but I just have to share this with you guys! This Cozy Coupe Makeover activity is definitely for adults only, but creates an amazing thing for the kids! I don’t know what little tikes, or step 2, or any of those other[Read more]

Happy Thanksgiving! with Turkey themed crafts

If there’s one thing I love more than turkey (besides of course the mashed potatoes and stuffing) on Thanksgiving, its turkey themed crafts.  There are literally thousands of them that can span any age range. When I taught first grade we did a project based on the book Turkey Trouble (get[Read more]

Zoo Animal Bingo at the Zoo!

Just as the weather was getting extra chilly, and the dark evenings were making me depressed, we were gifted the most beautiful 70 degree week here! I found myself digging the flip flops back out, and hitting the park as much as possible with the girls.  We squeezed in a[Read more]

Pumpkin Decorating for Toddlers

The count down is on for Halloween!  I waited until this week to buy our candy in hopes of not eating the majority of it (ask me how thats going so far), costumes are ready to go, and its just the right time to carve our pumpkins so that they[Read more]

Dry Erase Book to help keep toddlers busy!

The little cutie pie got baptized this weekend! It was a great day, and the girls loved getting to spend the day with all of our family doting on them. I’m not sure if I was more terrified about how Olivia would behave during the ceremony (of course a hellish leap coincided with[Read more]

Pumpkin Pie Play Dough Recipe

Play dough is a fan favorite of little ones. From teaching, to parenting, I’ve learned that no matter what age child you’re playing with, it will only be a matter of time before your soft squishy play dough becomes rock hard balls which you will find strewn about your house.[Read more]

Pumpkin Finger Puppets

Let it be known that I made it a respectable 12 days into October before going pumpkin crazy with our activities. Our little Olivia is going to be left out of the pumpkin decorating shenanigans this year, and despite our best efforts, literally could not care less about the adorable[Read more]

It’s Fall! Apple Craft and Counting Practice

I LOVE FALL!!!  I own every bit of my basic tendencies in the fall.  Sweatshirts, boots, pumpkin spice lattes, crockpots, football…you name it I love it.  When September 23rd finally rolled around I was ready to start all kinds of fun fall activities with the girls! I resisted my urge[Read more]

The Power of the Sticker

Layla was never in that camp of being a “good sleeper” as a baby.  Despite the set backs, I could’ve never anticipated the pure hell that was the 18 month sleep regression, and I REALLY could’ve never imagined that I’d be watching my newborn baby sleep peacefully while listening to my[Read more]

Picture Garden

So twenty some years ago, when I was little, people didn’t really move or get relocated for work all that often. I was lucky to grow up with all of my family living in close proximity to me.  My Nan and Pop cooked Sunday dinner every week without fail, so[Read more]