10 activities for 9-12 month olds

Activities for your 9-12 Month Old

Remember that time I posted a list of activities for your 0-3 month old? My tiny little peanut was the inspiration for that post. I can hardly believe that little baby is now 9 months old and is a crawling, climbing, mischief making machine. Babies in the 9-12 month range are really getting[Read more]

spring time play dough recipe

Spring Play Dough Recipe for toddlers and children

There are things that my younger childless self would just never believe real people did.  For example, spend a Friday night cleaning car seats before promptly passing out at 10 PM, or scraping tiny little play dough crumbs out of the crevices of a coffee table with a tooth pick.[Read more]

Saint Patrick's Day Activity

Saint Patrick’s Day Activity Round up

Since we had kids, my husband and I have traded in our green beers and goofy Saint Patty’s day apparel for child Saint Patrick’s day activity, rock crafts, leprechauns, and super cheesy Saint Patrick’s Day baby apparel. This has been the ultimate sacrifice for my husband who is in fact a Saint Patricks[Read more]

Dragons Love Tacos craft

Dragons Love Tacos Craft for toddlers 18 months+

Taco Tuesday is so serious in our house. On Christmas morning we woke up Layla and said “Do you know what today is!?” and she said “Taco Tuesday!”.  She seemed disappointed when I told her it was actually Christmas. Time for a Dragons Love Tacos craft. No pressure on Olivia to[Read more]

Cat in the Hat Puzzles, 18 months+

Cat in the Hat Puzzles, 18 months +

Dr. Seuss day is upon us, and it’s a day you should most definitely be celebrating with your little ones and what better way to celebrate than some Cat in the Hat Puzzles!  Who doesn’t like an excuse to eat tons of Swedish fish in the name of One Fish[Read more]

learn with candy hearts

Five Ways to Learn with Candy Hearts

You know its a tough day when you start dreaming of bed time before noon.  That’s the kind of day we were having. We’ve had two weeks of sickness (no one warned me that having two kids ensured that when one gets sick, the other will immediately follow) which means[Read more]

Valentines Day Activities, Love is in the Air

Let me begin this post by saying – Yes I know, we dropped off the face of the earth.  The last month has been a blur of birthdays, holidays, blizzards, and the unavoidable winter sicknesses. The good news is we’re back- and just in time to give you some oh so[Read more]

Christmas Crafting for 6 – 24 months

I don’t know how I accumulated so many boxes of Christmas decorations. I feel like every year I find something adorable I just can’t resist, but absolutely do not need…so obviously I buy it.  I decided this was the year to put a stop to the endless purchasing of decorations, mainly because[Read more]

Christmas Tree Painting, toddlers 18 months+

Christmas Tree Painting, 3 months+ AND 18 months+

It was 70 degrees today. I was sweating in long sleeves. We opened the windows in our house. Christmas is 12 days away, somethings not right here. Despite the fact that we are living in a tropical paradise compared to Decembers of the last few years, Christmas is just around[Read more]

puppy house decorating

Puppy House Decorating, 18 months and up!

I made it through Layla’s birthday party weekend mostly in one piece (no thanks to Olivia who decide to start sleeping like a newborn again….get it together kid). We were asked told several months ago that Layla wanted a puppy themed birthday party (girls set, boys set) – welcome to puppy[Read more]