Valentines Day Activities, Love is in the Air

Let me begin this post by saying – Yes I know, we dropped off the face of the earth.  The last month has been a blur of birthdays, holidays, blizzards, and the unavoidable winter sicknesses. The good news is we’re back- and just in time to give you some oh so adorable valentines day activities.

We have officially hit a point with the girls where they are making it clear that they are sisters, and will do what sisters do best- fight. The crying over toys has started, and forget trying to get them to play the same thing (“that’s for babies”).  Despite all of this bickering, Layla insists that they match EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I’m really stretching the definition of matching. If its in the same color family- or looks somewhat alike I say it matches.

So I was getting our supplies ready to make some Valentines day cards for our family, and was showing Layla what we were going to make and was promptly told “no want to make that. that’s baby card”. Ummmmm, ok. Guess we’re making two cards this year.

Olivia could care less what her card looks like- so we stuck with the original plan for her.  Layla (in true two year old fashion) has an opinion on EVERYTHING and requested told me that her card needs to be either truck or basketball themed.  And no, in case you’re wondering no one in this house plays basketball or is even remotely good at it (Sorry Saj). Layla is taking a sports introduction class and is obsessed whatever the sport of the week is.

Homemade card Valentines day activities

I always love a homemade card over a store bought one when possible, so here are two suggestions for sending out Valentines to your family and friends!

Blow a Kiss Valentine Card




Skills Developed: 

  • Sensory Play
  • Fine Motor (depending on the child’s age and ability to help)


Begin but cutting all of the pieces necessary to build your card.  For me, this meant trimming my card stock (so that it could fit in the envelopes), cutting out the hand prints, cutting small word bubble for labeling with recipients name, and trimming child’s picture.  I was out of scrap book paper but had tons of these cute little thank you cards.  The pink and white pattern fit the theme of Valentines day, so I just re-purposed them for this craft.


Note: I set out to just cut a large oval and stamp Olivia’s hand with paint on it for the handprint- but she was having no parts of that.  After cleaning paint off my kitchen floor and cabinets I decided tracing her hand would work just fine for us.

I cut an extra set of each for Olivia to play with as we built the cards.  She loved touching each piece, especially the card stock because it had a raised pattern on it that she could feel.  We also gave her a piece of tape- Layla and I were in stitches watching her try to to figure out what this things was.

You can assemble this any way you choose.  In order to get the hand print to open, I attached a small strip of folded construction paper between the card and the hand.

Write your Valentines Day message on the back and, VIOLA! You’re done!

Loads of Love Valentine Truck Card



Skills Developed:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Visual/perceptual
  • Fine Motor
  • Shape identification


I loved doing this craft with Layla because it really hits a sneakily large number of skills. To begin, I trimmed my card stock down to the appropriate size for fitting in our envelopes.  After this was complete I was able to figure out the size of the truck, and cut the pieces accordingly.  None of the shapes on this truck are difficult to draw or cut, so I free handed all of them.

Once the pieces are cut, lay them on your card stock the way they would be glued down, and trace them.  This was the most tedious part of the project (we had six cards to make) but I strongly recommend you do it.  This is what makes this craft so educational for your child – they’re basically solving a puzzle!


Lay the pieces of the truck out on the floor so that your child can get a good look at each shape.  We talked about the different shapes that Layla saw, and what each piece looked like.  Next have your child pick one piece at a time and figure out where it goes in the drawing.  As they figure each piece out glue it down until you have a completed truck.

Once the truck is finished, smear a bunch of glue in the empty truck bed area so that your child can stick down the heart pieces. Once this dries, you can take the rectangular piece that covers the hearts and attach it to the card.  I found the best way to do this is with a stripe of scotch tape.  Place the rectangle right at the edge of the paper and secure the tape so that it is touching both sides of the paper.



Lastly add a picture of your Valentine to the drivers seat for extra cuteness!

Do you have any Valentines day activities to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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