Dry Erase Book to help keep toddlers busy!

The little cutie pie got baptized this weekend! It was a great day, and the girls loved getting to spend the day with all of our family doting on them. I’m not sure if I was more terrified about how Olivia would behave during the ceremony (of course a hellish leap coincided with this event) or how Layla would handle sitting there for an extended period of time. Crying baby was acceptable (although to our surprise she was an angel). Screaming toddler, not so much. I wanted an activity for Layla to do in case she got antsy, but I needed it to not only be something quiet, but also something that  was small and wouldn’t make a mess. I decided to create a few dry erase books.

dry erase book

These are really simple to make and you can customize them for your child!  There is an endless amount of free clip art, or free printable pages on the internet to use for a project like this (directions below)- or you can just use the ones I made!

Alphabet Dry Erase Book here

Counting Dry Erase Book here


  • Printables related to the theme of your book
  • Printer and paper (thicker paper like cars stock works best, but regular paper is just fine too!)
  • Hole punch
  • Laminator (After my beloved Beckers went out of business nearby, I had to start laminating at an office supply store. I got tired of this real quick since its pretty expensive, and inconvenient.  My mom gifted us this lovely little machine – and it’s amazing!)
  • Dry erase crayons
  • Binder clip or ribbon


Skills developed:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Our books focused on number and letter identification, but skills will vary based on the content of the book you create!



If you choose to create your own books, start by choosing the content of your book. There are THOUSANDS of free printable pages on the Internet – use them! When you find an image that you want, right click and save it as an image. Saving it this way allows you to resize the image better in your document. I put my images into Microsoft Word, but any word-processing program would work. Before inserting the image, adjust your margins to give you as much space as possible. Paste the image into your word document and resize to your liking.  I opted for two images per page so that I could cut the pages in half and have smaller books that fit well in my diaper bag. Once you have all of your content print your pages, cut accordingly, and laminate them! Use a hole punch and binder clip to bind your book together. If you don’t have a binder clip you can use yarn or ribbon to tie the pages together.

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