Dragons Love Tacos Craft for toddlers 18 months+

Dragons Love Tacos craft

Taco Tuesday is so serious in our house. On Christmas morning we woke up Layla and said “Do you know what today is!?” and she said “Taco Tuesday!”.  She seemed disappointed when I told her it was actually Christmas. Time for a Dragons Love Tacos craft.

No pressure on Olivia to like tacos or anything…

Layla’s love of tacos has gone to another level since she received the book Dragons Love Tacos as a gift.  This is one of the silliest and strangest children’s books I’ve ever read, and every toddler who reads it is OBSESSED!

We read this book at least once a day, but usually more like ten times a day.  Every time we read it Layla begs me to make tacos, and has actually gotten upset (thank you terrible twos) when I would respond with things like, “not right now, we don’t eat tacos at 8 am” or “we just had tacos yesterday, lets take a break today”.  I needed a way to avoid the melt downs, without actually having to make tacos three meals a day.

Layla is also super into creative play, and this KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen that she got for Christmas has been a god send!  Unfortunately the play food that we got her does not have tacos….so we had to make our own.


Skills Developed:

  • Creative play
  • Fine motor (for children capable of helping with cutting)


Begin by cutting out your taco shell- fold your yellow paper in half and cut out a semicircle (leaving the bottom folded portion uncut). Next cut your taco fixings, you can do this any way you’d like just make sure to review what each piece represents with your child. Below you can see our pieces.  We choose some of our favorite toppings- meat, cheese, tomatoes, avocado, and lettuce.


You can laminate these pieces to help them hold up longer, or use felt rather than construction paper!

Once the pieces are cut out use them for creative play! Layla loves to cook up the ingredients on her stove, and than serve Olivia and I.

Along with a love of tacos, Layla also took an interest in dragons after reading this book. Not just any old dragons though, only “fire breathing dragons.  We have no dragon toys in the house, so we created our own.  It has been tons of fun to play with, but the purple and pink paint and eyes may have made it the least scary dragon ever.

Added value!

Our friends at craftprojectideas.com sent us a great box of goodies, so we put them to use on this project!


Skills Developed:

  • Fine Motor
  • Gross Motor
  • Creative Play


Start by painting or decorating your paper towel or toilet paper roll.  Once the paint drys, add objects to create the dragons face (eyes, nose, spikes etc.).  Attach the streamers using tape to the inside of the roll.  The key to getting these to move is attaching them to the upper part of the dragon, they should hang over the opening so that they move easily when your child blows into it.


Layla had a blast blowing into this to make the “fire” blow.  She also used it for running like a wild woman around the house, and shaking it around to make Olivia giggle. The movement of the streamers is fun for all ages!

Does your toddler jump in excitement for Dragons Love Tacos? Have you come up with your own Dragons Love Tacos craft? Let us know about it in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Dragons Love Tacos Craft for toddlers 18 months+

  1. What a cool way to take her learning to the next level! My boys love tacos, too–I’m actually making them for dinner! I’m going to have to look for that book.

  2. That’s so cute she loves that book so much! I’ve never read it, but I bet my girls would love it. This is a really cute craft. Thanks for the idea!

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