Cozy Coupe Makeover for Adults (18 months+)

Sorry to stray from the toddler/baby focused activities, but I just have to share this with you guys! This Cozy Coupe Makeover activity is definitely for adults only, but creates an amazing thing for the kids!

I don’t know what little tikes, or step 2, or any of those other plastic toy companies make their products with (and maybe I don’t want to know), but I’m pretty sure thousands of years from now people will be digging these up as artifacts of the past, and they’ll be in perfect condition.  One of Layla’s favorite toys is a shopping cart that was passed along to her from my cousin.  My cousin is in college now.

So when we asked Layla what she wanted for her birthday this year, she told us a “beep beep”.  I thought a cozy coupe car would be the perfect gift! I showed them to her to gauge her interest and she was unimpressed.  Not because the car wasn’t awesome, but because she didn’t like the colors (yeah, I’m in trouble with this one).  She showed me a blue truck version of the cozy coupe that she wanted, but she was clear that she didn’t want the truck….just the car to be blue like the truck.

After doing a little research I learned that the car she wanted didn’t exist, BUT pretty much any of these plastic toys- including cozy coups– can be freshened up with a few coats of spray paint!



Here’s the car we started out with.  Cute, but kind of boring.

cozy coupe

If you have the cozy coupe, the roof can be taken off of this via two screws in the back.  Removing this will make painting and cleaning a lot easier.  Make sure you also remove any stickers from the car.  The stickers on this car came off very easily, and I just scraped the area clean to avoid bubbles in the paint.

Remove the screws and give the car a good scrub down with a cleaning spray.  If you have a hard bristle brush use this to scrub, it will deep clean and also lightly scratch up the surface of the plastic which will help the spray paint to stick better.  Rinse with water and wipe dry with a clean towel.


Once everything is good and clean, cover up any parts you do not want sprayed.  On our car I covered the gas cap, horn, and rear lights with painters tape and wrapped the wheels in plastic bags.


Get to spraying! I sprayed the steering wheel first since this would be a different color than the rest of the car, and needed time to dry so I could cover it.  You will need at least 2 coats (plus touch ups in some areas).  I used one full can of each color to create our car.

I wanted to replace the old stickers that I had peeled off, and I found this amazing etsy seller (The Toy Restore) who makes replacement stickers for just about any toy you could makeover! I bought stickers to replace the mouth on the front, the dashboard, and side mirror. I also added some personalized vinyl decals to the sides of the car to spruce it up!




It took a little bit of time and energy (and I also probably seriously creeped out my neighbors in the backyard with spray paint at 10pm every night) but the night of Layla’s birthday she said “Mommy Daddy do good job with Layla’s birthday”.  OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHH.  Worth. every. minute.

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    1. It was so easy you should totally try it! When I was choosing spray paints it was suggested that if you’re spraying an item that stays outdoors (like your jungle gym) to add a clear coat after you’re finished. It takes a little longer to fully dry, but it’ll really help seal the paint on!

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