Christmas Tree Painting, 3 months+ AND 18 months+

Christmas Tree Painting, toddlers 18 months+

It was 70 degrees today. I was sweating in long sleeves. We opened the windows in our house. Christmas is 12 days away, somethings not right here. Despite the fact that we are living in a tropical paradise compared to Decembers of the last few years, Christmas is just around the corner and we need to get to work on some Christmas tree painting activities.

As I’ve mentioned I’m a holiday slacker, I wait until after Layla’s early December birthday to get going with the christmas cheer, so I apologize in advance for the avalanche of Christmas games and activities coming your way over the next week or so.

I don’t know if I’m a moron, or if other people struggle with this, but felt boards are just NOT MY THING. I tried to make one of those cute little Christmas tree felt boards last year and nothing stuck properly…so someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong.  Obviously I wasn’t revisiting that disaster this year, so I made a bunch of Christmas tree cut outs with green construction paper that we could decorate in a variety of ways.  We colored some and put stickers on others, but my favorite way to decorate was with paint.

Christmas Tree Painting activity

Olivia is getting to an age where we can include her in a lot of our activities with a few modifications! She was able to paint with us which was so fun- so this activity has a huge age range.


Skills Developed:

  • Fine motor
  • Creative Play


For toddlers (recommended ages 18 months +)

Take a few pom poms and place them inside the teeth of a clothes pin.

IMG_8465These will create small stampers for your child to stamp circles that look like ornaments onto their tree.  Using the clothespin as the handle, dip your pom pon into a small puddle of paint, and stamp all over your tree! Alternate colors for a festive look.

For babies (recommended ages 3 months +)

Drop small amounts of paint all around your child’s tree cut out.  Most washable paints are fairly thick, so they will not spread when you drop them.  You want a little mound of paint in each spot.  Carefully place the tree inside of a gallon ziplock bag and seal it, removing as much of the air as possible.


Allow your child to squish the paint all over the tree, finish with some glitter for an extra sparkle!



In typical toddler fashion, Layla had a fit that Olivia got to use a bag for her activity, so I also let her do this and she loved it as well!


Olivia tried to eat the activity a few times (I can see I’m going to have to watch this one like a hawk when she gets moving), so I decided to tape the bag down to the table to simplify things even more!

More Christmas fun to come this week!!

Did you give Christmas tree painting a shot this season? Let us know with comments and pictures below!

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