Chalk Hop

As summer is coming to a close, I find myself desperately trying to squeeze in as much outdoor time as I can with the kiddos. Yep I’m that girl that complains about the summers brutal heat, but will be missing it when we’re bundling up in coats and hats (subsequently complaining about the cold).

This past week we were having some work done in our backyard, so our play space was limited to a very small front yard and the driveway (scrapped up knees here we come!).  This led to quite a bit of chalk play. We often use our chalk to practice the alphabet, draw pictures with labels, play hopscotch, or just scribble- so I was trying to think of something new.  Layla is on a jumping/hopping kick lately- she has to jump everywhere we go…more often then not in places that give me minor heart attacks, like concrete stairs.  Hoping to get some of this jumping out of her system we made a chalk hop game.  Our focus was on colors and shapes, but you could use this game to practice numbers, letters, emotions, even sight words!


  • Chalk
  • Paved space (you don’t need a huge area) for drawing and hopping.


We started out with colors. I used each shade of chalk to draw a large circle on the ground.  I drew them fairly close together so that Layla’s tiny legs could jump from one to the next.  We reviewed each color before starting.  I called out a color and Layla jumped on it.  We continued this jumping from one shape to the next.  We also tried to reverse roles, I jumped on a color (trickier than you’d think when you have a 2 month old sleeping on you in a wrap) and Layla than named it for me. We also played the same game with basic shapes.

shape hop

chalk hop smile

***Chalk Hint! Its sometimes hard to clearly see chalk on your driveway, which is no big deal when you’re coloring, but could make things tricky when a child is trying to see a color, shape, letter etc. To make your chalk look more bright and vibrant on the ground wet it slightly.  It will wear down more quickly this way, but it gives you bright, bold colors!

Don’t forget- these activities can easily be brought in doors when outside play is not a possibility! Tape some butcher paper to your floor and replace chalk with markers.  If you want to get really crafty use black butcher paper- chalk will show up great on this!

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