Welcome to our blog!

Our names are Kristina and Dan and we are just two normal parents who love our kids! Well it’s almost plural as we have one still baking in the oven for now. We took this blog over from an awesome mom named Jenny. Her content is still here and we are so excited to continue on the Eat Sleep and Play blog! We are a holistic, gentle parenting family who loves unschooling principles.


Which means play based learning is exactly how we like to have fun with our kids! What better of a way to foster a child’s love for learning than to do it through fun and engaging play? We hope to maintain the thirst for learning in our children as they grow. We want them to feel confident and able to dive into learning anything they need to learn to reach their goals. Let’s admit it, it makes parenting really fun to watch your kids light up with excitement through each simple and fun activity.

As our family grows, we want to share with you all of the things that we do to support the learning process and make it easier for us along the way. From play based learning activities, to everyday parenting struggles and successes- we hope you will follow along on our journey!