why kids need independent play

Why do kids need independent play time?

When my son was born, all I could think was “I am never letting you out of my sight – I just love you too much”. As the months flew by he learned to stick out his tongue, roll from back to front, push up onto his knees, eat solid[Read more]

20 rock crafts for kids

20 Fun Rock Crafts Roundup!

20 Fun Rock Crafts For Kids Roundup! Sometimes coming up with an extravagant craft is more work than the kids can appreciate. These crafts are great for almost any age. A baby can use their hands and a toddler can get more creative. You can choose one of these guides[Read more]

21 tips for childproofing

Babyproofing Your Home In 21 Steps

When we first brought our precious baby home we didn’t even think about babyproofing. He could barely see my face, I had no concerns about him knocking down shelves or getting into the stove. It is surprising how fast those first few weeks go by. They turn into months and[Read more]

Toddler Cleaning Kit DIY 12 months+

So you want to get your toddler cleaning? Maybe because your toddler made a big mess doing a fun painting craft. Or in addition maybe you just need some relief on the entertaining aspect of parenting. I don’t know what it is like to have two yet but I know with[Read more]

Easy cloth wipes header

Easy Cloth Wipes

When I started cloth diapering my son around 3 months old, I had no intention of using cloth wipes. It seemed complicated to me and was one more thing I just didn’t need complicating my life as a new mom. Then when my change table area started to get really[Read more]

Maximus cutout for the giant name tag

Giant name tag for toddlers 2 years and up

Kristina teaches Yoga every Monday night while Max and I build and play at home. I try to use this time to connect and do all the things that “only Dad does” and seeing as this is our first week blogging on Eat Sleep And Play I really wanted to do[Read more]

crafting tips and supplies

Play-based learning and crafting tips for the home

It’s difficult to find time to go out and purchase individual items here and there to do activities with our children. Here are some helpful crafting tips to help you save time and tears! Crafting tips & the “Interwebs” Whether we are cooking a great a meal or playing with[Read more]

Tape Pull Painting

Tape Pull Painting for Babies and Toddlers

Grandparents of the world are you tired of homemade gifts yet?  Well, sorry, here comes another tape pull painting craft fun for babies and toddlers alike! Mother’s Day is approaching quickly, and since the girls have been born we also acknowledge their MiMi and Nana on this day as well.[Read more]

Flower activity spring time round up

Flower Activity Round Up for the Spring time!

Spring is here? Nope, not a typo. That was most certainly a question. With spring comes all the warm fun, for us, that’s flower activity based learning! Those of us here on the northeast know that mother nature has been seriously confused lately. This past weekend we got a pretty serious[Read more]